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The 7 Best BMW Used Cars

Buying a new car, regardless year, make or model, is a bad investment almost every time. The minute you drive a car off the lot it drops in value by 10 percent. It only further depreciates from there, dropping by 10-25% every year following.

So unless you're planning on driving this new car you're eyeing for life, then it makes more sense to just buy used. The market for BMW used cars is particularly good, as they drop to an affordable price but thanks to the brand-name recognition BMW carries, their value never completely bottoms-out.

The 7 Best BMW Used Cars

BMW used cars in Tampa

Aside from their value retention, they're sleek, powerful, fun-to-drive cars. Below we've compiled a list of the 7 best BMW used cars on the market.

1. 2016 BMW M3

The 3 series of cars has been a BMW staple for a long time, but the 2016 BMW M3 really stands out above the rest. It's got all of the trappings of a luxury family sedan plus the horsepower and look of your favorite sports car.

BMW M3 2016 used cars in Tampa

2016 BMW M3

The 2016 M3 sports Harmon Kardon speakers, satellite radio, as well as keyless entry and ignition. As for the engine, it's got a turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine that pushes out 425 horsepower. It also has both automatic and manual transmission options.

This car also won an Edmund's 2016 Best Retained Value award, which makes it a little pricier to buy used than the rest of the cars on this list.

2. 2015 BMW M4

BMW M4 2015 used cars

BMW M4 2015

The BMW M4 is the sleeker, flashier two-door cousin of the M3, and is the first installment into BMW's new 4 series line.

The M4 comes in convertible or hard-top options and features xenon headlights, heated front seats and steering wheel, auto-dimming mirrors and foldable-rear seats to carry wide loads. The M4 packs the same engine as the M3 but on a smaller body, so it'll have you zipping around the city.

This car also one an Edmund's Best Retained Value award in 2015.

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2015 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

2015 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe

3. 2015 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe 

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is a midsize luxury sedan hybrid with a sleek, coupe-like body. The Coupe comes in two different trims: the 640i and the 650i.

They feature more-or-less the same luxuries as the previously mentioned cars but the 650i trades out a new engine for more power.

The 650i features a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine that cranks out 445 horsepower. This engine has this car hitting 60 mph in 5.2 seconds and the sound will make even people who aren't car aficionados cry.

4. 2009 BMW X3

BMW X3 2009 used cars

2009 BMW X3

If you're looking for a BMW used cars on a budget, the 2009 BMW X3 is for you. It's a reliable no-nonsense SUV that is great for whipping the kids around town. It's got a large cargo area and automatic and manual transmission options.

It's also sportier than your average SUV, so your buddies should roast you for driving this one. It was given an 9/10 by U.S. News and the average price of one of these guys hovers around $8,500. For that price, it's a steal.

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5. 2015 BMW i3

Traditional gas-fueled cars are eventually going the way of the Dodo bird, so if you want to get out ahead of their extinction, the BMW i3 is a great choice.

Like a lot of electric cars these days, the i3 is extremely small and has an unconventional body. But not having a big ol' engine to work around really frees up the shape of the car for BMW's designers to do what they please.

BMW i3 2015 used cars Tampa

2015 BMW i3

What they did with the i3 is pretty impressive relative to the competitors like Smart Car.

Despite its smaller size, the i3 still has a sleek, mean look. The car's shell is also made out of carbon fiber, making this vehicle extremely strong and lightweight. This is helpful for the car's electric engine, which gets incredible mileage per charge and goes 60 miles per hour in just 6.6 seconds. It's not Formula 1 speeds, but it's pretty good!

Without the deterioration of various engine parts to consider, which should save you money on BMW repair services, the i3 holds onto its value pretty well. It's one of the better investments among BMW used cars.

6. 2009 BMW Z4

2009 BMW Z4 used cars in Tampa

2009 BMW Z4

They've made Z4's as recently as 2016, but if you go as far back as 2009 you can find one for under $10,000, and they were just as great back then as they are now.

It's also one of the only two-seat roadsters BMW offers, so you get points for uniqueness when buying one of these.

The 2009-2011 models of the Z4 carry a 3-liter inline six-cylinder engine that produces 255 horsepower and 220 pounds of torque. It has a fantastic, zippy engine that makes this car so much fun to drive. With its light body and quick acceleration, this car will have you whipping around corners in a frenzy.

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BMW X5 2014 used cars

2014 BMW X5

7. 2014 BMW X5

The BMW X5 is a luxury crossover SUV built for on-road performance. It's got a compact, sporty size with all the luxuries of a family SUV.

Despite its size though, the X5 offers seven-person seating and large cargo room. Thanks to its engine and attentive design, the X5 is a joy to drive. The steering is sharp, the handling is superb, and cruises fantastically on the highway, making it great for long road trips with the whole family.

Any year of this car is great, but the 2014 model, in particular, has an 8-speed automatic transmission and a diesel-powered engine so this car wrings out as much fuel efficiency as possible.

Are BMW Used Cars Right For You?

BMW is one of the best and oldest carmakers in the game. Their engineers provide all of their vehicles with superior performance, comfort, and handling. They also offer a wide variety of options and their name is very well-respected in the used car market, so regardless of your taste, budget, or depreciation concerns, a BMW is a good choice for you.

If you're thinking about buying a BMW or already own one, check out our automotive services. BMW's can be tricky to work on, so you need a qualified team of mechanics to do the job right.

So if you just bought a used BMW and it needs a tune-up, come to us.

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